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Since starting with newstrength exactly a year ago, I am down 12kg and up in confidence! Absolutely love the training, the vibe of the gym and the trainers. The biggest benefit for me has been a mindset shift. With Nath’s knowledge of all things fitness (and patience explaining it to me) and balanced approach of challenging me and cutting me some slack when life gets in the way of good intentions, I have gone from an all of nothing attitude (mainly nothing) towards my diet and training, to a much more balanced and consistent healthy lifestyle.


” I’ve achieved so many goals at Newstrength! I always leave the gym in a better mood and my mindset around training is so much more positive now. Wouldn’t even think about doing anything different, I LOVE Newstrength.


“I had a blast training with Nathan at Newstrength. These guys go over-and-above to support your fitness journey and tailor training to your specific goals.”


“It’s not a gym, it’s a community, That’s what we are. A place where we’re all striving towards our goals together and I wouldn’t want to chase down my goals anywhere else!”


“If you’re after a coach who is knowledgeable, adaptable and will get you achieving your goals these are your guys – I’ve had my techniques and old injuries rehabbed, hit PR after PR and all whilst working around a chaotic work and study schedule.”


I’ve been seeing Jacob for over 2 years now for sports performance based strength, power and speed training. Over this time Jacob has developed me as an athlete to achieve many representative rugby goals. His expertise in a wide variety of training methods, recovery and nutrition has me learning every session about how my body functions as well as reaching my athletic potential. As a sports player himself he understands the stresses of the season on the body and his sports specific programming ensures I am feeling strong and fresh to perform each week. I cannot recommend Newstrength highly enough

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Making sure we’re the perfect fit. Here at Newstrength we offer a 5 session pass to allow someone to try before they buy. This ensures both us and you agree we are the perfect fit.


A ‘coach for life’. You’re NOT just buying a gym membership with us. You ARE getting a passionate, expert coach who is there for you every step of your journey. Your coach will not only train you but also educate you and be there to help you when you need them most.

Newstrength’s Hybrid Training Method

Training Styles and methods to meet your needs. Our semi-private personal training gives you the personalised attention and programming to get the most out of your training and achieve your goals. Complement that with our Tribe group classes and you have a recipe for success. Intelligent training with like-minded people to push you in a positive supportive environment. That’s the Newstrength way.

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