How We Deliver Results

We get it. Getting the training results you want can be hard and time consuming. Let alone finding a service you can trust that gets results.We’re here to make this whole lot easier, faster and more enjoyable. We do this by starting with you.

Our Offering

Personal Training

This is when every variable of your Results is controlled and applied to suit you. Your schedule and your specific needs. Whatever they may be. This is your individualised training experience that is completely designed for 2 reasons. Your needs and your results.


Our group sessions are designed for building muscle skills whilst burning fat and keeping your joints happy. Anyone can design a session to make you tired, but not everyone can make you continually improve. In other words, we are here to get you results, not scream at you “go faster” to burn more calories.


An all women’s small group dedicated to building confidence, strength and a strong body you’re proud of. While being surrounded by a community of empowering and supportive women.  Again, anyone can design a session to make you tired, but not everyone can make you continually improve. Training is so much more than burning calories.


Environments help create behaviours faster than anything else. Our Youth Small group classes blend skills, fitness and fun to help kids create a positive association with training while building skills that will serve them for life. Kids deserve expert coaches who educate and care.

We believe taking control of your health and fitness lays the foundation for you to create the life you want

We don’t want to settle for surviving here

We want to Thrive

Years of experience has allowed us to see this in effect with 1000’s of clients

Taking care of your Fitness, health and wellness just isn’t negotiable to us

There’s TOO much value to not tap into this.

That’s why we focus on our clients taking ownership of their lives

It’s time they carve their own path

Own their fitness

Own their health

Own their lives

All this from Training?

Training holds lessons and valuable ones at that

Training has many parallels to life that teach the lessons and habits we believe are needed to succeed.

Building physical strength and achieving things you never thought possible builds confidence and opens your mind to the possibility of achieving more in your life.

Pushing through moments when you’re ready to quit builds resiliency.

Showing up on those days you don’t feel like it compounds discipline.

Being Adaptive is learnt when things don’t go to plan but you just get back up again anyway and keep moving forward.

We believe as people if we want to reach our potential, the only way to get there is by working together.

We all have a role in each other’s success and our role is to help surround you with the people who will not only fast track your journey but also make it all the more worthwhile.

We know that the gym might only be an hour out of your day


that hour holds the potential for you recognise what you’re capable of

While you transform how your body looks, moves and feels you’ll be laying the foundations to creating the life you want

learning these habits and lessons and be ready to go after those bigger life goals

Sounds like it’s a no brainer right?

Ready to bring your best self to life?

We can’t wait to meet you and share this journey with you

Jacob, Nathan and the Newstrength Team


P.S Don’t just take our word for it. Look what our clients have to say.

You’re here right now because to some extent you are not happy with how you look, move or feel.

You’re tired and you want change now. BUT You’re unsure of what the right direction is. This is exactly what our non obligation Strategy session is for. Get the information you need to get to you goals. Not another sell to why someones fitness trend is superior.