4 Costly Mistakes that STOP results

Ever felt so inspired to achieve a goal that you were ready to move mountains?

Ever relied on that feeling.

Only taking action when it’s present?

I used to

It never works and it only leaves disappointment

After working closely with thousands of people for over a decade here’s what I’ve found to be the most common mistakes that waste time, energy and progress.



Waiting On Motivation


A lot of People think motivation is the key

Ironically the ones that talk about it the most are achieving the least

You can argue the chicken or the egg


I personally think it’s a false belief that goes something like this…

“I wish I had their motivation”

First Problem is you’re waiting on something they don’t actually have or need.

People get up and get it done

Because your output creates results. That’s it.

If you want to achieve something you need to do the work.

It doesn’t matter if you’re not excited to get out of bed and train, it only matters that you took action.

Motivation is fleeting

If you want goals that stick you can’t attach them to fleeting feelings

If I could grab you and shake you through the screen for anything this is it

I LOVE seeing people achieve positive change and create momentum.

Thing is they all Ditch motivation and you can too.

Stop talking about it

Stop thinking about it



Discipline “ I am or am not”


This goes hand in hand with motivation


This is a skill

We can practice skills

We can improve skills

People talk about discipline like you have it or you don’t

The question shouldn’t be are you disciplined or not

It should be

How disciplined are you

That’s actionable

That’s something we can improve



Planning Horribly… or not at all.


One of the biggest mistakes most people make while trying to achieve their goals happens in the earliest stages…

If you’re not preparing yourself to succeed then you will find it significantly harder to reach your goals.

Developing a plan can make a huge difference.

A plan directs efforts and focus

It increases your attention to the goal

Make a plan

Be adaptive

Be diligent

Be prepared



You Let Yourself Off For Letting Yourself Down

Biggest of all

Now we are in a self love shift


I personally disagree with a HEAP of the posts I constantly see about it.

I believe discipline is the highest form of self love

Doing what needs to be done to become who you deserve to be

The unfortunate part is you are intentionally setting yourself up to not reach your goals by letting yourself off for all your choices.

But when you again don’t reach your goals the feeling of disappointment lingers.

I’ve personally experienced this and I no longer go through this vicious cycle.

The secret to getting out of this trap is holding yourself to a higher standard.

When you hold that standard of yourself, you don’t let yourself off so easily.

Because you deserve better from you

The less you let yourself off easy the more you take action, the more action the more results

How To Stop Making These Mistakes

There’s a lot to unpack in these 4 things but I can summarise it quickly with a question.

How would the person I want to be do the things I’m about to do?

There’s your action plan

Go get it!

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