Adaptive Change

Without change.. Nothing changes

A long time ago we jumped on a webinar with Logan Gelbrich about leadership

It was super exciting to learn from a guy I had been following for a long time

Amongst a bunch of awesome insights we took from the webinar, the idea that stood out was that of Adaptive Change

Adaptive change is essentially the change required to fix a problem that you don’t have the solution for right now

Problems that require you to grow as a person before solving them

Most people though get caught thinking they only need to make a small technical change

Dropping their carbs lower or doing a new assistance lift

This might make a small impact but yet it still leaves you with the same problem in front of you soon after

Adaptive changes require you to take on the obstacles head on and grow as you find the solutions

I believe this in itself not only replicates your training journey..

But even life as a whole

When we first quit our jobs to start Newstrength the idea of being a business owner was both super exciting but just as daunting

How would I handle being responsible for handling much more than just taking training sessions?

I didn’t have the answer

But under the guidance of our coaches Jayden and Drew we knew the only thing to do was trust the process and we would grow into our roles

So we showed up and pretended we knew what we were doing

Fast forward to now…

I can say that I’ve grown as a person since we first opened and without recognising the shift I’ve grown into a business owner

The obstacles I didn’t have a solution for have now been surpassed

New obstacles now await us in our journey

But all we can do is keep moving forward and grow into the person who knows how to get passed these new barriers

But how can you make sure you continue to grow to get past your obstacles?

It’s about who you surround yourself with, your actions and your mindset

The only way to grow is to find your boundaries and push outside them little by little

Sometimes that’s a training partner, a mentor or simply reading a book

Whatever your obstacles are in your way

The only way is forward

You just might need to grow on your way