Newstrength Academy Youth Training

At Newstrength our aim is to help transform how you look, move and feel so you can thrive and create the lifestyle you want.
We believe it’s important as part of your training journey for us to meet you where you’re at and match you with the best coach to guide you to reach your goals. There’s no cookie cutter plans here at Newstrength and even our group programs offer customisation to fit you and your goals.

Expert coaching to guide you to reach your goals. Our coaches pride themselves on designing training and nutrition plans to help you achieve even the grandest of goals. Whether you’re training to look great at your wedding, compete at national level or just need the flexibility and accountability of 1-1 training our coaches have got you covered.

Environments help create behaviors faster than anything else. Our Youth Small group classes blend skills, fitness and fun to help kids create a positive association with training while building skills that will serve them for life. Kids deserve expert coaches who educate and care. That’s why we hold true to the same philosophy with our kids as we do with our adults. We focus on keeping class sizes small to give your children the best guidance, training experience and ultimately their relationship with exercise and their results. Not just throwing as many Kids into the room as possible and turning on a timer for your child only to be lost in the background.

  • Access to our youth sessions
  • Customisable Workouts for all levels
  • Individualised Nutrition education and Guidance
  • Constant Check-ins ( We want them to succeed too )
  • FREE member’s only resources
  • FREE access to seminars and events

Discover how we can guarantee and deliver results for you like we’ve done with so many.

You’ll be shocked to see what you can achieve with a system that’s by your side every step of the way.

You’re not here just to exercise

You’re here for change and we are here to get you there