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You’ll be shocked to see what you can achieve with someone by your side that cares about your goals just as much as you do.

There’s no cookie cutter programs or jumping to the latest trends here at Newstrength.

We use what works for us and what has worked for the thousands of others that have transformed the way they look, move and feel after walking through the doors here at Newstrength.

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Personal Training


Our coaches have been delivering results to Newcastle and lake mac residents in a 1-1 setting for over a decade

Our individualised, no nonsense approach to training and nutrition allows us to create a plan that makes sense for you

Whether you’re someone training to just look great and feel amazing, or perhaps you have grand goals in your sights

Our coaches create and deliver programs tailored to you

Programs that are proven and make sense

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Starting something new can be daunting

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You’re here right now because to some extent you are not happy with how you look, move and feel.

You’re tired of it and you want change

You want to Look, Move and Feel better than you ever have in recent years.

Perhaps ever…


You’re not exactly sure on how to achieve this result

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You’ve come this far down the page

I guarantee you have a problem that’s in need of solving

We can potentially solve it together

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