Fat Loss Training


Fat loss training

No amount or style of training will make you lose fat if you are in a caloric surplus. (Aka Don’t control your food intake)




Don’t make this mistake it will waste your time and results.

Now it’s not all Doom & Gloom.


Though we can’t train to guarantee Fat loss, we can train in ways to maximise our results and overall body composition. To ensure we can maximise the results from our nutrition program.


Newstrengths Group training (and my own) is about maximising how we look, move, and feel.

This training method allows us to maximise our time in the gym to make sure we are looking, moving, and feeling great.

The main focus of this method is strength training, and for good reason. Being strong lays the foundation for everything.

If you don’t agree, have you tried being weak?

It doesn’t end well. No matter the pursuit. Everyone requires a level of strength and a surplus goes a long way.

Though, in our pursuit of strength, we must not lose sight of what is also important. Alongside increasing our strength, we must also improve our physical + Mental resilience, structural integrity, fitness, flexibility, skills, longevity, and, of course, our mental and emotional states.

Now, this can sound like a lot, but when written well, it’s completely achievable.

I’m now 30. I have two kids under 5, a marriage, a business with three employees. My wife also is doing a double masters and works full time.

I am the busiest I have ever been. I sleep the least(by far). Yet I’m the fittest, leanest, and strongest I have ever been.


So without going into too much detail in this Blog, here is how I would structure someone’s training to lose fat and build a body they’re proud of both aesthetically, functionally and emotionally.


  • Lift weights 3-5 days per week.


  • Full body or upper and lower body sessions are great.


  • Progressive overload in major strength movements is key.


  • Think squats, deadlifts, presses, and pulls in rep ranges of 5–15 per set.


  • Maintain a high training density by utilising supersets, giant sets, and time-based intervals such as EMOMS to keep your workload high and time efficient


  • Then add some conditioning. One to two 20–40 minute conditioning sessions focusing on quality rather than burying yourself will help.


  • If you’re like me and you’re time poor, add some simple intervals or Met-con sessions after your weight training.

Your training doesn’t have to be complex to lose body fat.


It does have to be consistent alongside a consistent protein and calorie intake. More on that Here