6 Simple Switches For Better Health



Here’s 6 simple switches that can improve your health and physical performance without making it complex


  • Swap (insert liquid) for water (not coffee though, That would be madness)


  • Replace “Snacks” (you know the ones) with Fruit


  • Swap mindless scrolling for an earlier bedtime.


  • Take the Damn stairs


  • Trade “I Don’t Feel like it” for “ I don’t always need to listen to my thoughts” Do the work


  • Swap Taking the easy out for the hard road


Social media has made health and fitness seem way too complicated.


It’s gone a long way from what started out as an effort to encourage people to embrace physical movement and use food as a tool to thrive.

Now depending on who you talk to everything is the enemy. High intensity training is either going to solve all your life problems or kill you. Don’t eat plants. They’re out to get you. Wait, you eat meat? you MONSTER!

Not to mention that there’s more companies claiming they have the secret supplement to help you lose weight, build muscle and become smarter than ever before.

It’s at the point now that it’s getting ridiculous..

One of the things we believe in here at Newstrength is simplifying the process and doing the simple things well.

It’s all good to have the most dialled training program but if you can’t apply effort you’re not getting the result you want.

A simple way we combat the complexity of the fitness and health space is by making simple switches.



Flick The Switch For Better Health


We don’t ask you to take away something you love completely, nor do we add heaps of things to your already busy lifestyle.

We simply ask…

“Can you switch this for that?”

Why this works much better is that often the barrier to entry is really low so adherence improves and alongside it since the time or effort investment is small and the return on investment is high.

So here’s 6 of my favourite switches to improve… Well you



Swap (insert liquid) for water

Now I’m not asking you to only drink water. I’ll drink my multiple cups of coffee. Though we feel better when we are hydrated it’s simple and always available. Drink more of it. (visiting the toilet every 2-3 hours is a good gauge of hydration.



 Replace “snacks” With Fruit

Now we all love a snack and I’m no different. There’s nothing wrong with them but they just multiply like you wouldn’t believe. Next time you go to grab a snack. Grab some fruit. Get some fiber, nutrients and sugar. Your body will thank you. (Sugar is fine and anyone that wants to argue against that I look forward to your reply)



Swap mindless scrolling for an earlier bedtime.


Now you’re an adult. You know this. Just put the phone down.



Take the Damn stairs


It’s Not that hard and there will come a point in your life when you wish you could take the stairs. Start living!



Trade “I Don’t Feel Like It” for “ I don’t always need to listen to what I think” Do the work you know is needed.


Now if I listened to everything I thought I would be ruined. I mean this with every ounce of me. I got taught this early on (16yrs old) from a psychologist when I was first diagnosed with GAD and OCD. I went there thinking I was actually going insane. So Lucky me I’ve had a heap of practice and I’m now a PROFESSIONAL at ignoring my brain and doing what I need to do to get what I want. It’s a skill so practice it and don’t focus on perfecting it… yet.



Swap Taking the easy out for the hard road


The easy road leads to nowhere great. I’ve watched people around me dodge hard things to only suffer more down the track. Do the hard thing and move forward. Now Remember. Some days the hard thing is just getting out of Bed. Other days it may be presenting something in front of 1000’s of people or hitting a new squat PR. Whatever it is that day, do it.




Now It’s Up To You To Make The Switch To Better Health

We can give you ideas all day on how to help improve your health and wellbeing

But really it comes down to you taking action on it.

Having trouble Taking action on things?

Let’s Fix that together.