Can you be Busy and in Great Shape?

I know Busy.

I know it Extremely well.

I also have recently got in the best shape of my life

I also know the pain of letting yourself go.

Because I wasn’t myself when I was 20kg heavier

No one wants this..





Damn we get good at tolerating it until it’s not tolerable any longer.


(I hope you’re at this point where you’re ready to hop off the feeling like shit every day ride)

For a little authority to talk on the matter I own Newstrength. A premium coaching facility
that helps well over 100 people every day.

I also have 2 little Darlings that I love more than anything (2 &4 Yrs Old) and not to mention a Beautiful Driven Wife that works a demanding full time job, while completing her Double Masters and is a Type 1 Diabetic. (Impressive I know)

I’m extremely blessed but these blessings all deservingly take up a lot of my time.

I also Recently lost 21 kg ( it was 20.6 but we can round it up and look and feel better than I ever have)

So I get it

I would also use my situation to justify me
being 20KG overweight, not training and
feeling pretty shitty most of the time.

Now to be Crystal Clear

These 4 things are NOT groundbreaking,
overly Complex or Revolutionary.

They are Simple, effective and what you
need to hear.

The 4 things I used to lose 20kg and Feel my
best (even at my busiest )



Now this is a used a lot, I know. But it’s crucial.

I created an extra hour in my day by starting training at 4am before I commenced my work at 5am. Now my 2 choices were this.

An extra hour sleep because I’m tired Or me being my best self for my business, my family and overall myself.

You may also come to realise a lot of your “tiredness” is lack of fulfilment. I know I did.

If you’re having trouble justifying certain decisions that are needed to move you forward I recommend getting clarity first. It’s easy to miss a training session if you want to lose a few kg.

Not so easy if you know you know your physical and mental health is on the line and that
directly impacts your everyday interactions for the rest of your life.

Utilise the 5 whys framework to dig through your excuses.



The 5 Why’s Framework example

1. Why Do I Want To Get In Shape? – To look feel good
2. Why Do I Want To Feel Good? – To be happy
3. Why Do I Want To Be Happy? – To Enjoy my life and time with loved ones.
4. vvvvvvvWhy Do I Want This? – My family and I deserve the best version of me.

Not the one that’s currently showing up.

So Why do I REALLY Want to Get in shape? This Truthful answer you’ll uncover is what gets you moving.

Not some excuse dressed up as a very logical justification.

Get Clear on you Why and Then this drives your


2. There is NO FREE TIME

When you’re truly busy, time spent productively is a must. Busy people have little to NO free time. Only Sacrificed time. What I mean by this is for something to happen something else must be sacrificed. There’s always a Trade off happening and we need to ensure it delivers.

For me I sacrificed 1-2 hours of sleep to gain a stronger, fitter, more productive version of myself. Find your trade and make it. STOP waiting for free time. It’s not going to magically appear with your motivation.

Stop waiting and Make the trade.

Here’s a Super valuable tool to find some time to trade. There’s more than you realize.


Click Here Time Use Audit Form




Now I’ve alluded to this already but we become VERY good at justifying things when we are busy. We actually become experts.


We can not continue the narrative to why
we can NOT do x action due to y reason.

This only feeds the problem and leaves you stagnant and telling yourself why it isn’t your fault.

We need to shift the focus. We need to look at possibilities, not just problems.

Surely you’re sick of hearing the same excuses come out of your mouth to only realise nothing has changed in 6 months?


Pro Tip – You Don’t Always Have To Listen To Yourself.

STOP the Stories




Whether it’s internal, external or a combination of both. When we’re busy we need to be reminded of what we are doing and most importantly why we are doing it.

Find a Friend, a facility, a coach or an honest conversation with yourself and depend on that when you need to.

I can’t stress this enough. Busy people thrive with scheduling and appointments. This is how things get done. You want you health to improve? Book it in and schedule your health and fitness stop trying to “Fit it in”

Because it’s either progressing or deteriorating.

Click here if you want more help



When it comes to being fit and busy it starts with a solid and honest relationship with yourself.

If you don’t have this in place, no matter how hard you work, you will fail to see results. We’ve used these valuable Keys contained in this guide to help hundreds of Busy people look and feel their best.

By focusing on what opportunities are available and
ignoring the stories you tell yourself that hold you back, you can be well on your way to creating your best self.

Just remember, once you start to implement these keys, be prepared for major success in and outside the gym!

Getting these keys sorted is the only way to ensure you can prioritise your physical health whilst maximising everything else.

If you’re serious about owning your health and living a busy but healthy life, this is for you.

If you continue to ignore your health, you’re negotiating your energy, zest for life, physical, mental and emotional state.

This is something I wish someone had told me sooner. So I am here to offer that to you now.