3 Keys For Building Muscle

When it comes to building muscle the work isn’t easy

It’s not overly complex


It’s often misunderstood








Building muscle takes a LOT of effort and Intent


Some build it easier than others


Everyone works for it.

Let’s dive in..



Over my 13 years of training I’ve had periods of time where my main focus is to increase the amount of muscle on my frame.

This isn’t an easy pursuit 

For a lot of you this wouldn’t mean much

For those in the know,

Well you know… You know how hard it is.

For everyone not in “the know” all this means is It gets REALLY HARD to build muscle after training for a few years.

Like really really hard.

After 13 years my body doesn’t want to build more muscle

It’s a costly thing to have (calorie exchange)

So as you could imagine it takes some effort and some digging to find what continually works.

Now I still can add to my frame

(albeit much slower than when I was 18) 


It just takes these 3 things..

Use them wisely


3 Keys to Building Muscle



1. RANGE OF MOTION – Train all your lifts to the MOST amount of range you can with stability. Pick weights to allow this.


2. INTENT – Don’t just throw your weights around. Intent and recruitment are crucial. You have to stimulate a muscle for it to grow. Not just move weights around. You can maximise these by simply trying harder in your sets. Try harder when you squeeze the concentric. Try harder when you control the eccentric portion (this alone has facilitated most my results of late. I just simply try much harder Each and Every Rep.)


3. CALORIES + PROTEIN – Now it’s not ground breaking but it’s often overlooked and under managed. Eat in a slight surplus of calories and be sure to get a gram of protein per cm of you height every day (Women can get away with slightly less)


More on that here – NUTRITION DOWNLOAD


Now This isn’t complex and if you are serious about building muscle you’ll want to take these 3 things seriously.

I promise it will pay off