Overcoming Gym Anxiety

Feeling a bit anxious about going to the gym?

Worried about what other people think of you while you’re training?

The stories we tell ourselves can stop us from going all together  

Or if you do convince yourself to go, you end up spending an hour on the treadmill because you’re too scared to go into the weights section…

And then you’re not really seeing results, getting any stronger or fitter

So you’re thinking “What’s the point?”

It’s a common story I hear from young women 

To tackle the gym anxieties, these are strategies I have found work well for girls struggling to get into the gym

Find yourself a gym buddy or personal trainer

Pick someone you’re comfortable with who can show you the ropes and help keep you accountable in turning up to the gym. Set up times that work for both of you can commit to regularly each week and make it a non-negotiable. This can be a great way to connect with one of your close friends and spend some time together!

Try going to the gym at a quieter time 

Peak times can be the most intimidating with the amount of people, access to equipment and the feeling of overwhelm can be common here. Get comfortable with your environment before going in peak times to get used to the space and where all the equipment is located

Go in with a plan!

Most girls come unstuck not knowing what to do and revert back to doing what they know or feel most comfortable (aka the treadmill!) Download a free plan online or make your own prior to your session to avoid any extra unnecessary worry towards the gym

Wear headphones 

Listen to your favourite music or podcast. This will refocus you to what you’re doing and make you feel a bit less alone as you do your session. If talking to other people in the gym makes you nervous, this can be a good way to deter people from interrupting you during your workouts 

Women’s only classes 

If the commercial gym setting is not the right fit for you, then maybe you need to try something like what we offer at Herstrength with a women’s only strength training program where we teach the foundations of lifting weights while creating a nurturing environment for you to build confidence and thrive. 

It’s normal to feel nervous going to the gym and stepping out of your comfort zone. Take it one session at a time and eventually going to the gym will become second nature and a consistent part of your routine

Reducing the amount of barriers towards your training is key in moving forward towards your goals 

Start utilising these strategies ASAP and don’t let the gym anxieties stop you from doing what you want to do!