Newcastle’s 10 Best Post-Workout Feeds

Ok Newcastle, so we’re not all super athletes…


We don’t all train just for the joy of it, some of us train so we can get to enjoy some of the finer things in life like burgers and beers!


That being said we still want to look good, feel athletic and be around to watch our kids grow up. Fortunately, we can get the best of both worlds by balancing out the hard work in the gym with a little bit of play on the side.


So when it comes to getting the best of both worlds there’s not much better than the benefits of the post workout window of gainz…


Increased insulin sensitivity directed towards muscle gain, non-insulin mediated glucose uptake, increased growth hormone and a cortisol response from training that it would just be wrong if you didn’t get rid of that damn thing by eating some food!


Ps. Side note post workout cortisol release probably isn’t a bad thing since it’s part of the hormone cascade that results in rebuilding muscle so there’s no need for to smash down your post workout shake in the first 30s after your last set.


So here’s the deal at Newstrength we do love a good post-workout feed with our training buddies so we thought we’d share with you the best post-workout feeds in Newcastle so you can enjoy them too!


Mr P’s Burger Bar

Mr P’s Burger Bar at Charlestown until recently was probably the best kept secret on the Newcastle burger scene. (We’re sure it was our promo video above that got them out there, So if you’re reading this Mr P, free burgers for life would be much appreciated :P)


On a serious note though, quality burgers with ingredients that don’t have you following up your burg with a quick hibernation. The staff there are awesome and these guys delivered us 30 burgers just before Christmas to our gym so we could smash burgers and deadlifts night. Which is coming again next month by the way!


Our Pick: BBQ Pork


Hero Sushi Kotara


Everyone loves sushi and it makes for the perfect post workout meal, plenty of carbs, some high quality protein and a sneaky little bit of fats. But, let’s be real sushi trains suck, they charge you about 10 times the value of the sushi to have it slowly make its way around to you while you get hungry waiting.


Enter Hero Sushi, you just pick all the sushi you want then sit down and bury yourself with a few hundred grams of carbs!


Our Pick: Grilled Salmon Lover Box


Zambrero’s Hamilton and Kotara

Sorry out there to all the GYG lover’s but Zambrero is straight up better! The food quality is a mile ahead and you get to take your pick of ingredients.


Plus Zambrero is doing some great things in the space of helping those in need. Their worldwide campaign of Plate 4 Plate aims to donate free meals to those who can’t afford it themselves including partnering with Foodbank here in Australia.


Our Pick: Pork Burrito with double meat, BBQ Sauce and Lime



There’s no post workout list without this juggernaut of the Newy burger scene. Located right by Finnegans to maximise on drunken burger lovers Rascal quickly become a favourite to many of the Newcastle’s burger lovers. Plus, they do tater tots with bacon and cheese sauce, can you really say no to that post workout?


Didn’t think so!


Our Pick: Its a dead heat between the Marty McFly and the Dirty Rascal with a side of the Tots with the Lot!


Hunter Gourmet Pizza

Everyone loves Pizza!


And everyone who doesn’t is lying to you 😛


But these guys have been killing it up against the big dogs in the pizza scene of Crust, Dominoes and the like.


Bonus tip if you want to still keep your calories in check while getting to eat pizza, no cheese is the way to go. It’s the favourite of Newstrength Co-Owner Nathan and has been a staple of his flexible dieting to sub 10% body fat multiple times.


Our Pick: Byron Bay – No Cheese


Bistro Lowlands (Lowlands Bowling Club)

This place is the definition of Ninja, hidden away in the back of Cooks Hill is one of the premier burger joints in Newcastle. Perfect for a midday post-workout along with a schooner of beer and a sneaky game of bowls.


The burgers are delicious, food quality is next to none and as much as I’m a fan of brioche burger buns the Lowlands buns are a huge point of difference to the rest of the burgers out there


Our Pick: The Royale With Cheese with a side of fries and a beer of choice!


Canon Food Bar Expresso

On the esplanade at Warners Bay in the old Blue Water Pizza building is one of the best all day dining experiences in Newy. With a killer breakfast menu and the option of pizza’s from lunch onwards plus the sneaky mention of delicious coffee there’s a lot to like about Canon.


Whichever you choose to go for either your saturday morning workout or for finishing up your friday you won’t be disappointed.


Our Pick: For Breaky it’s hard to go past the Canon Big Breakfast although the Savoury mince gets a strong mention. Lunch or dinner the Sierra pizza is definitely a winner.


Mega Gyros

On the highway at Charlestown Mega Gyros is one awesome feed! Meat, cheese, special sauce (although I’m not sure what’s in special sauce but you have to try it) and chips all together on a pita is one awesome combo. Although it’s not the biggest feed you will get on our list it’s without a doubt one of the tastiest.


Added bonus the dude who owns this place is an absolute legend!


Our Pick: Lamb Pita with Special Sauce


Adam’s Ribs and Pizza

Can you eat the food with your hands is basically my number one question before deciding how delicious the food is. It holds true pretty well across the board; pizza yes, burgers yes, ribs yes! Steak might be the only exception rules to that but that’s for another article.

When it comes to ribs there not many places that do them better than Adam’s ribs and pizza. Plus as an added bonus they also make awesome pizzas.


Our Pick: Train with a buddy; then go and get a full rack of pork ribs plus a pizza to share between you!



Ok so we can’t do a post workout feeds list in Newcastle without including the burger joint that is actually a workout to eat the burger!


These guys have made a name for themselves off the backend of their deliciously ridiculously large burgers and wicked combinations slapped together between the buns.


Beware though if you go to EightBulls you probably need to bring a designated driver because I’ve stumbled my way out of there a few times


Our Pick: The Fuck Me Up


Who Have We Missed?


That’s our picks for the 10 best post workout feeds here in Newy. We would love to hear who you think should be on the list.


We have our complete guide to Newcastle’s Healthy Eating + Bonus Guide to Post Workout Meals coming out soon. So we would love to have your feedback on who should make the list.


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