The 6 BIGGEST Strength Killers


In this quick read you’ll learn the exact things to STOP doing to get STRONG.

These 6 Strength killers are easy to fall victim to but awareness is key here. In a world of information overload and an overwhelming overflow of methods to get STRONG its easy to forget the simple things you should be avoiding.

We are quick to focus on what we should be doing but not as fast to reflect and realise what we shouldn’t be doing that has the potential to open the flood gates of gains. 

Now Let’s get STRONG.







The 6 BIGGEST Strength Killers 




  • STOP maxing out all the time – There is a big difference between building strength and expressing strength. Time spent always expressing strength (1 rep maxes etc) is time taken away from building strength. Spend your time researching phase potentiation and learn how to periodise your training like the strongest people in the world do.


  • STOP Placing limitations on yourself – We see this all the time and Newstrengths fridge is a prime example. Yes, our fridge. The Fridge has a Looong List of super strong girls that have deadlift 100kg or more. I am actually looking at it as I write this. There’s easily over 40 girls there. This raises the standard and makes it seem achievable. Do the same for yourself.


  • STOP Under eating Protein – Eat 1g per cm of height every day. Your strength will thank you! ( P.s try to spread this over 4 meals or more)


  • Under Eating in general – It’s not just Protein. If you really want to get STRONG you will need to eat in a surplus. Now this isn’t an excuse to get super fluffy nor is it against periods of a caloric deficit. But you will gain MORE strength in an excess of calories. Start with your Daily Maintenance calories plus some. I add 200-300cals as a great starting point. Then move up as desired.


  • STOP with the Variation – Expressing maximal strength involves repetition and exposure. You need to get better at what you’re doing, not continually change it and wonder why you’re not getting better. Think of it this way. If you competed in a different sport every weekend and at the end of the year you didn’t progress as well as someone that stuck to the same sport would you wonder why?


  • STOP Winging it – Random workouts = Random results. Objective measures are crucial to ensure you’re on the right track to be your strongest self! Find a well periodised program that understands phase potentiation.






To Wrap It Up!



When it comes to Getting really strong it starts with a solid periodised training program that you can adhere to. If you don’t have this in place, no matter how hard you work, you will fail to see the best results.

We know there’s every man and their dog telling you what you SHOULD be doing but sometimes by focusing on what not to do, you can be well on your way to creating your Strongest self.

Avoiding these Strength Killers is a fast way to ensure you can prioritise your focus whilst maximising strength gains. If you’re serious about building huge strength then please avoid these 6 strength killers.

I’ve given you what you need to get started. But if you have any questions, or would like our help on avoiding any of the above, get in touch today.