Achieve Your Goals

We all know people who consistently achieve their goals… No matter how high they aim or how hard life’s cards may be stacked against them.

On the other hand we all know the people that are consistently trying to make change, to shoot for their goals, but no matter what they try it never pays off for them.

You may be one of these two people


You might be somewhere in the middle. Sometimes you get the win, but other times you try but just can’t get over the line.

After working with hundreds of clients for over a decade now. We see what separates them

It’s clear

Nothing Fancy

You can do it too

This article will focus on how you can do this,

No more chasing down the “wagon” to hopefully jump back on



Are You Willing to Really Change?

Ever given someone advice on how to help them fix something only to have them ask can they change two or three things to keep it comfortable

Then after manipulating the plan and your advice, complain when it doesn’t work?

It seems common in the training and nutrition space for people to receive a plan that will help solve their problem only to have the response come back as:

“Can I change XYZ?”

These “changes” can vary.

What’s Glaringly obvious is the avoidance of real change and discomfort.

They want the results but they don’t want to endure the process needed to become the person they say they want to be.

The biggest differentiator is this

Those who achieve what they wish Find a way to make things work

They are adaptable NOT avoidant.

Instead of asking how to change the plan, they ask how they can change to follow the plan.

Now I’m not saying you need to be so rigid you’re miserable. But, there’s a reason why your current preferences and actions have only got you so far and to make it to where you want to go some of those actions are going to need to change.

You’re going to have to change.

Successful people know this and are willing to ask for help on how they can change rather than asking for permission to lower the standards of their actions.

There’s always a way to make the change you desire

But you need to be willing to change to achieve this or you will be forever hoping on and off the wagon on change.



Zooming out.

One of the most common problems a lot of people struggle with is looking at things from a micro level rather than at the macro level.

It’s easy to be consumed by thoughts of what can help in the short term and what created excitement and “Buzz”

Don’t get me wrong, I love those feelings too.

But we also need to understand and strategise on what will work in 3 months or 6 months down the track when you’re relying on those motivated feelings that are no longer there and your old habits are about to consume you again at any minute.

In my experience Successful people often reverse engineer their big goals to create clear pathways and actionable items that can be adhered to whilst sustaining the ability to be adaptable. (This is my favourite)



Ditching the If When Fallacy.

How do you make sure you stay strong when the world is pulling you in every other direction?

A lot of people not achieving what they want try to brave the conditions and fall victim to the if then fallacy.

If I had___ Then I would be able to do ___

It’s easy to wait for life to throw you an opening. A golden moment that makes perfect sense to take a leap

You need to realise that life rarely offers anyone this and waiting for it is like waiting for the winning lottery ticket.

Maybe, It might just happen

Chances are it won’t though.

So how do we get around this and continue to get results?

Dropping Anchors

Drop anchors, as many as we can find until it keeps us accountable to our goals.

Want help making it to the gym? Find a setting that holds you accountable.

Don’t feel super enthused to work today? You still want to buy stuff (pay rent or insert whatever your need for money is) so you go to work anyway. Anchor 1 – You 0

Successful people use these in every aspect of their lives. Sign up for competitions and hold a high standard of themselves. Hire business coaches to get them out of their own way.

You can find many ways of doing this but the main thing is that you actually do it.

To sing off here’s one of the things that always gets me to take the most action



How am I complicit in creating the things I say I don’t want?